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Nebraska Private Voice Stress License #1

One of the basic fundamental aspects of any investigation is to find the truth.  Throughout history it has been an accepted practice to use instrumentation to verify the truth.  The polygraph and voice stress instruments are recognized as the most effective tools available for use when determining the truthfulness of information or an individual’s honesty.  The detection of deception using human physiological reaction is an accepted method for finding the truth.

Gorgen Detective Agency, LLC offers both polygraph and voice stress services.  In 1973, Tom Gorgen was one of the first detectives to bring to Nebraska the newest instrument available to use as a lie detector, voice stress.  Tom helped to author the Nebraska laws &regulations for polygraph and voice stress testing.  He is the longest serving member of the Nebraska Secretary of States Truth & Deception Advisory Board whose members review and advise the Secretary on polygraph & voice stress applicants qualifications for a Nebraska license.

The polygraph and voice stress instruments are only effective when operated by properly trained and competent examiners.  Gorgen Detective Agency, LLC examiners have industry standard training and the highest qualifications to administer examinations.  All of our examiners have previous law enforcement training and hold a Nebraska license to administer polygraph or voice stress tests.

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Nebraska Peace Officers Association (POAN)
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